May 18, 2023

Market Update – Q2 2023

Today, we’ll talk about the seconf quarter of 2023. As always, we’re focusing on single family homes in Hudson, Saint-Lazare, Rigaud, and Vaudreuil.

The craze and the intensity of the last few years in real estate has subsided. The market is much more regular and balanced. What does that mean?

Home’s are “sitting” on the market a bit longer and both parties (buyers and sellers) have negotiating power. The total number of homes sold in Q2 compared to Q1 did increase, despite increased interest rates.

A bonus? Open Houses are back in style which means as a seller, the opportunity to have multiple buyers view your house at once is an option. No more prepping and cleaning for individual visits all week long!

Don’t be shy to text, call, email, or leave a comment below if you have any questions or want additional information on your home!

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