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Our team’s North Star is to provide a level of service so unexpectedly great that clients feel compelled to leave us a 5-star review. That way, it becomes fully transparent for all to see if we’re delivering on our promises.

Peter is unselfish, passionate and should be a benchmark for every real estate agent.

One year and ½ ago we saw a video of Peter introducing a new home in Rigaud on Facebook, the video was so well made and Peter looked and sounded so enthusiastic and professional we decided he was going to be our agent when we were ready to sell. One of the best decision we ever took…

We met with Peter and told him what we were looking for.  We visited many houses but we had yet to see the home that we fell in love with.  During visits, Peter would have our interests at heart and be sure to highlight any potential issue or concern with a property … he would just smile and say let’s move on, we’ll find the right one.  Fast forward to spring 2023…Did we ever! We visited our dream property on a Sunday, made an offer the next day and after a short roller coaster ride of negotiation, we got the house at the exact price Peter said it was likely to sell for.

Now, it was time to sell our home!  After some great advice from Peter as to what we needed to do in order to prepare the house for visits, his team and professional photographer arrived on the Wednesday, and the superbly prepared listing with immaculate videos and pictures was published on the Friday morning. Visits began the very next afternoon with an open house scheduled for the Sunday afternoon.  By Sunday morning, it was sold.  1 day!

We are grateful that Peter, Jessica and Bonnie were able to help make our dream a reality…

We always felt like our needs and interest were put way ahead of just a financial transaction.

Francois Castonguay

Marketing Sells Homes

The more people that see your home is for sale, the more likely it is to sell quickly, and for the best possible price. We have developed a proprietary Home Marketing System working with some of the top marketing experts from real estate and beyond, to give you the best possible chance of reaching your home’s ideal buyer.

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Buying Homes is About Guidance, Not Sales

We believe that our role in helping you find your next home is about being your Expert Guide, and not a salesperson.

Buying a home is a highly individual and often emotional process. Our job is to help you separate the emotions from fact, so that both can guide you towards the best decision for YOU.

That’s why you’ll never feel an ounce of pressure from us.

Instead, we focus on digging up the information you need to make informed decisions, using our local market and industry expertise to avoid costly mistakes, and proactive communication to ensure you’re prepared for every step of the process.

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Informed consumers are in the driver's seat

Buying, Selling, and Owning real estate is often filled with complexity and jargon. This breeds fear and anxiety for most people as they try to navigate this process. We see it as our duty to demystify the homeownership journey which is why we started our #AskPete series.

Our goal is to put you in the driver’s seat, with answers to the most common and pressing questions we get every single day.

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Since real estate is a highly personal process, it’s a top priority to choose an agent or team that best aligns with you and how you want to move through your personal real estate journey. We feel everyone should interview a few agents to make sure they select one that they feel will best represent them not just when things are easy, but also when the going gets tough.

We’re a team who are not just real estate obsessed but also deeply passionate about this part of the world we call home. We share these passions publicly as a way for you to get to know us, before even meeting us in person.

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